Dear potential investors.

We’re a team of 5 manifesting what we believe to be some good apps to make life easier.

We have one systems administrator, I’m the main developer. We also have two testers and one logo designer. We’re based on trust in exchange for equity. We know how to make buttons and forms but don’t have an artistic eye between us.
Also we don’t know the ins or outs of marketing, have any business contacts who can assist. We’re a small fish in a big pond.

I personally think this is where we have become unstuck. People won’t use websites which arent pretty, or for which they don't understand the potential. Plus what it does and why you need it is a different world to a bunch of techs.
We’re built it, we hold copyright and patent where applicable. It works, we’re on scalable servers are we’re ready to go. We know what we’ve built is feasible because, well, it’s built :)

We need to make the pages look pretty, we need to explain what it is and why you need it, preferably with a video advert. Once we have that everything should be self explanatory.
A marketing budget should be enough to get this trending
Having looked at quotes, this could be covered by an amount of £5,000 per app.

In exchange we can offer a return of investment at 10% per app.
How do we monetise?

Next: The queue app done fairly.
We charge 2p per user of this service to the organisation with the app free for customers queueing.
We feel we have answered the question of how to deal with virtual queues in the easiest and fairest way Get updates on the information you need without sacrificing your identity.
Free for one user passing information to subscribers with more channels of information at cost, plus verification as a genuine user at cost when things trend. Please note this does not allow anonymous messaging which could be abused, our servers keep details on user’s via email addresses and google / apple ids. Contact sharing done securely.
Currently using sponsorship with further avenues to be explored.

If we get any extra cash?
Translation into other languages.
Feel free to try our apps and see what you think. If you believe in our projects and want to get behind us please do.