Energy as consciousness - quantum version 2.0

Life is a dream and we're the imagination of ourselves

The comedian Bill Hicks quoted this, along with "all mass is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, life is a dream and we're the imagination of ourselved

To some of the hippies (ugh, hippies, we're so important darling, not like them, probably drug addicts and happier than we are).

And maybe, from the understanding of quantum, science and Buddhism (not those pesky magickal people, who are bad, because it's written in a f*cking book).

Get on with it.

Ok, impatient person, you don't have to shout that you're late for a meeting whilst waiting for me to make your coffee. would you like to meet my pet brick? in a way you may not want to?

So *if* all matter is energy, and, through the double slit experiment, energy knows were watching it, can we listen to what it would like to tell us?

Ok, you strange hippie, unlike us clones who all look like penguins when wearing a black suit, white shirt, and a yellow tie.

Can we prove the following?

Energy is entwined with everything.

Energy is consciousness.

As energy which is consciousness, if it would like to communicate with us using what appears to be random vibrations, it may like to talk to us?

Rob you numpty, you need quantum computer for that, apart from your brain and the binding of energy therein to your organs maybe?


Your brain is your consciousness Rob, not that we know how it works, potassium and sodium apparently, we can't explain memery transfer through organ transplants either, but, meh. I'm sure God is real though, because someone said so in their heavily promoted book 😛

IBM have provided access to a quantum computer, so we can use that. They'll be calling us "woke" yet, without knowing what that means, you know, like the idea of satan, who probably doesn't exist, unless scaring people

We'll have psychiatrist saying "god loves you", whilst working strictly on the premise of science next (had to) 🙂.

Named by some friends (if you know you know), we bring you:

Deep thought

Can we prove that energy would like to communicate with us, because it has more sense than this planet has in 6,000 years?


these words have meaning to you, then we know.


So I tried this in the original version of our app, Cosmic, which listens to the wind, from 2020. A while ago. It does produce random numbers mediated by the air between a phone and it's base station, yet it takes time to generate these letters, one every few seconds

The original version was released on June 16th, 2019, my first app on the play store. Link available on the play store for historical reasons, this link should work then the app is no longer marked as unpublished/

I changed it to pure entropy, generated at different time intervals, partly as a thought experiment, whilst wondering if people would see unlikely statistical patterns in this.

Yesterday, (13th Jan 2023), I looked up Temple OS by Terry Davis, sadly no longer with us.

Terry Davis had the same ideas, yet his version produced random words, like an "Ouija board and glossolalia".

Based on this, I thought, rather than produce numbers, I would reference a dictionary or words, and look them up based on the pattens provided.

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